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Info & Orders

 1. How do we get samples?
- You can request a sample simply by e-mailing us the exact item you need and you 'll get our answer within 24 hours.

2. How can we order?
- You can e-mail us with details what your needs are and you will be informed latest within 24hrs

3. How quickly will I receive my order?
- Once you have approved your final proof and paid for your order you will usually receive your invitations or bonbonierre within 15 days (dependant on postage option).

4. Payment? How does it works?
- There are two different payment ways: a) prepay your order b) PAYPAL (this option will be available very soon)
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE GR 7401 1014 8000 0014 8628 037 40
PIRAEUS BANK GR40 0172 0680 0050 6801 7636 733

5. Any good reason why to choose your company instead another ?
- Well then, it will be maybe not so easy to ensure you why to order from our company except offcourse our excellent prices. A good solution is to ask directly our Facebook fans. Post your comment on our wall and get answers directly from people that already bought from us. For sure a lot of them will be happy to answer you because they were served with our unique way. And they feel the same way we treated them. More like family less than simply customers.

6. Is there any of your products you would strongly recommend us?
- Actually there are a lot but we will mention just a couple of them because we think that are extra value for money and because their quality is simply on the top among other European companies. A) Our dragees. Made from a great of our partners with sales all over the world. Have a snapshot here:   B) our wedding invitations. Made by high quality Italian extra fine papers and most of them are printed by new technology offset machine Heidelberg Speedmaster.